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Laidlaw Facility / Native Bees

Photo: Bumble bee

Bombus vosnesenskii buzzing tomato flower. (Photo by Neal Williams)

Native Bees

This section includes research projects at UC Davis, biology, pollination and conservation.

Research Projects at UC Davis


  • The role of landscape connectivity and configuration for pollinator persistence.
    --Neal Williams, Claire Kremen, Laura Morandin, et al.
  • Hedge row restoration to enhance pollinations, pollination service and other beneficial insects
    --Claire Kremen and Lora Morandin
  • Native plant forb mixes to promote pollinator health and pollination.
    --Neal Williams
  • Stability/sustainabiity of crop pollinaton
    --Neal Williams and Rachael Winfree (Rutgers)
  • Monitoring populations of endangered bumble bees
    --Robbin Thorp
  • Vernal pool restoration.
    --Robbin Thorp
  • Monitoring of insects at the Haagen-Dazs Honey Haven site
    --Robbin Thorp